Your checklist for ordering custom signs in Oklahoma

December 4, 2020 at 8:00 AM
Your checklist for ordering custom signs in Oklahoma

Custom signs can help your Oklahoma business stand out from competitors and boost walk-in traffic. But before you place an order, you should consider some important things first.

At Signs & Wonders, we provide sign installation and repair, as well as design services here in Oklahoma. We've prepared this quick checklist for those looking to order custom signs for their business:

1. Create a solid design

First impressions matter, and when it comes to business signs, you may only have a few seconds to catch a potential customer’s attention. This is why it’s important to spend careful attention on your design.

Work with a graphic designer to create a sign that’s visible from a distance. We suggest sticking to two or three colors that contrast well with each other. For instance, two shades of a similar color will blur together when viewed from a distance. Sticking to high-contrast colors will help your design really pop.

When it comes to the design itself, there’s no need to get intricate. In fact, a bold, simple design is best for legibility. Every design choice should be 100% intentional, since you have a limited space to work with. This will help you create a cohesive design that aligns with your brand and is legible for customers walking or driving by.

To make things easier, try to find a custom sign company in Oklahoma that offers in-house design services. At Signs & Wonders, our designer can help you create a solid design that will look great and help you generate more business.

2. Consider alternatives beyond traditional signs

If you’re going to order custom signs in Oklahoma for your business, you should also consider the many alternatives available. For example, you can also advertise your business with vehicle wraps, banners, decals, window graphics, and more. Vehicle wraps in particular are great for florists, car detailers, plumbers, home improvement services, and other businesses that often have company cars.

Neon signs are another option that can help take your company’s signage to the next level. These signs are great for salons, tattoo shops, barber shops, bars, bowling alleys, and other businesses that have late hours.

3. Make sure you have the right permits

Did you know that certain types of signs require permits? Before you make an order for your custom signs, you should be sure that you’ve obtained the proper permits. In order to obtain a permit, most Oklahoma counties require you to conduct a professional property survey, as well as provide detailed information about the proposed sign, including the square footage. You typically have to pay a fee as well.

Certain types of signs, such as marquees and illuminated signs, may require you to regularly renew your permit every year. You can either check with your local zoning laws, or simply choose a custom sign company that handles this task for you, such as Signs & Wonders.

Order custom signs for your Oklahoma business today

Signs & Wonders is your one-stop-shop for custom signs in Oklahoma. We can manage the entire process, including graphic design, surveying and permitting, and installation. Our team also offers a number of signage choices, from traditional pylons to modern vehicle wraps.

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