What are pylon signs? How can they help my Oklahoma City business?

January 4, 2021 at 8:00 AM
What are pylon signs? How can they help my Oklahoma City business?

While nearly every aspect of business has gone digital these days, brick-and-mortar stores still rely heavily on walk-in traffic. What’s the key to maximizing walk-in traffic? High-quality, professional signage. Pylon signs in particular can help your business in Oklahoma City stand out from competitors, bring in customers, and so much more.

Here at Signs & Wonders, we help local businesses thrive by designing and installing various types of signs. In this article, we’re sharing how pylon signs differ from other signs, and we're exploring how they can boost your local business.

What exactly are pylon signs?

Pylon signs are tall, freestanding structures that are supported by one or two poles. They are very sturdy and usually have a frame made from aluminum or steel, allowing them to withstand extreme weather and harsh conditions over a long period of time. Pylons can be used to advertise one or several businesses.

They are also referred to as “road signs” or “highway signs.” As the name suggests, you can easily see these signs while driving on the road or highway due to their sheer height. They are commonly used for gas stations, hotels and motels, fast food restaurants, pubs, shopping plazas, and big-box retail stores.

How pylon signs can help your business in Oklahoma City

Make a big impact on potential customers

As any local business owner in Oklahoma City knows, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from competitors. When it comes to signage, nothing makes a bigger impact than a professionally designed pylon sign that towers above the competition.

Simply put, pylon signs are impressive. This makes it much easier to boost your walk-in traffic and make lasting impressions on potential customers.

Capture the attention of commuters and travelers

A major benefit of pylon signs is their towering height, and their ability to stay visible above trees and other obstacles. This means you can capture the attention of thousands of commuters and motorists who pass through Oklahoma City’s roadways every day.

Have you ever checked out a local business simply because you’ve driven past their sign every day and it piqued your interest? That’s exactly what pylon signs can do for local commuters who regularly pass by your sign. Pylon signs can also quickly grab the attention of travelers who want to make a quick stop during their journey.

Advertise your business - day or night

Many pylon signs in Oklahoma City can be designed and installed to include lighting, either with LED or fluorescent lamps within the sign. This allows your signage to always stay visible - whether it’s day or night.

Illuminated pylon signs are also much more impactful, and they can project a more professional image for your business. If you’re trying to maximize your advertising efforts or boost your branding, pylon signs are the way to go.

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