5 ways an Oklahoma City sign helps small businesses

August 6, 2022 at 7:00 AM
5 ways an Oklahoma City sign helps small businesses

Appropriate signage for your business is essential to drawing customers and growing your business. However, we understand the hesitancy of some small businesses to pay for a quality Oklahoma City sign. At Signs & Wonders, we have a few reasons why you should consider making the leap for your business and getting a quality sign. Read our short guide with five ways a sign can help.

1. Identifies your location.

Above all else, a sign helps your customers know where you're located. They can use the GPS on their phone all they want to reach the parking lot of your store, but they're not going to be certain they've reached you if there's not a sign of some kind out front. Consider this; a customer drives from 45 minutes away to buy something you sell because nobody else has it. However, you don't have a sign outside when they reach your building. They've never been to your store and are unfamiliar with the area. For all they know, they could be at an entirely wrong location. Yes, you might have missed out on just one sale at this point, but you could miss out on more should this person leave a scathing review online saying that you're not where you say you are or you've gone out of business. Of course, this is the worst-case scenario, but it demonstrates the importance of a quality sign for your business.

2. Sets you apart from your competition.

Your signage and logo say a lot about your business. Each is often the first thing a customer sees when they're introduced to you. A good sign is important in establishing yourself in your industry and separating you from your competitors because it creates your own identity. For instance, if you work in a rather niche industry that doesn't have much competition, you still need to show what makes you different from the two or three other companies you're competing against. Your sign is your first chance to do so.

3. Broadcasts brand messaging.

When we say you're broadcasting your brand's messaging, we don't mean that we're going to turn your business' signage into a radio or cell tower. Rather, it's conveying your brand's messaging from greater distances than what signage on your door or windows would. Tall pylon signs can often be seen for hundreds to thousands of feet, which makes it easy for your customers to see where you are before they reach your location.

4. Helps to establish your brand.

Longevity and consistency are often key pieces to establishing a loyal customer base. Installing a sign lets them know you're not a seasonal operation (even if you sell seasonal products) and are there to stay. People are more likely to fall in love with a business if they know it's there to stay, and a quality sign is an excellent way to demonstrate your loyalty to the location.

5. Draws attention to special events.

No matter what kind of sign you have, it's a great place to hang additional signage when hosting special events or holding exclusive sales. You can drape your additional sign under your sign to display a special day you're having for kids or a massive seasonal sale that will drive huge crowds through your doors. Passersby can easily see what the event is and who's hosting it without making too much effort.

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