Vehicle wrap design: 3 tips from an Oklahoma sign company

September 30, 2020 at 7:00 AM
vehicle wrap done on a Porsche by an Oklahoma sign company

Vehicle wraps are a way to completely cover the original paint of a vehicle with a layer of vinyl. When it’s used for business — especially by smaller companies — this practice is often used to display large, flashy graphics to attract new clients or customers.

However, designing one is deceptively tricky. It’s certainly not something you can do overnight.

Here’s what you need to know before designing a vinyl vehicle wrap for your business, straight from the experts at our Oklahoma sign company.

1. Get accurate measurements and photos of the vehicle you want to wrap

First, you’ll want to measure the sides, hood, rear, and bumpers of your vehicle. If you’re working with a signage company, you’ll also need to provide them with your vehicle’s exact made, model, and year so they can find the right design template to use.

You’ll also need to take pictures of the vehicle from every side: driver side, passenger side, front, and back. Make sure to take these pictures head-on and not from an angle, as this can distort the look of the vehicle and cause mistakes in your final design.

Pay especially close attention to any additional features that can affect your design. Think curves, door handles, and rivets in the body of the vehicle as well as any customizations you’ve previously made.

2. Make sure the goals for your advertisement match your wrap design

It’s easy to get carried away when designing the graphics for your vehicle. That’s why it’s important to start with your goals first and allow them to inform the design choices you make.

If you’re raising awareness about your company, your logo and tagline should be the main emphasis. If you’re using it for marketing, on the other hand, your campaign’s offer or incentive should take center stage.

Remember that your vehicle will essentially become a mobile advertisement for your company — with a heavy emphasis on the “mobile.” Keep things simple enough so that people driving on the freeway will be able to see your design and understand the point you want to make.

And that brings us to our next point...

3. Design your vehicle wrap with your target audience in mind

Like all other things in marketing, you want to focus your message for your target audience — and no one else.

Now that you have your goals top of mind, think of what would get your audience to take action towards that goal. Does your design appeal to them? Is it memorable? Or does it completely miss the mark?

This tip is especially important, because without this understanding, your advertisement becomes ineffective. You’d be better off using the funds for something else in that case!

However, when you use this information to your advantage, you’ll find that vehicle wrap advertisements are an effective (and cost-effective) way to drum up new business for your company.

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