Tips for Maintaining and Caring for Your Signage
November 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Signs & Wonders

Signs—we usually take them for granted since we view them as fixtures, elements that are part of the property background or landscape. However, they are actually a big deal. Your signage tells people who you are, what you do, or what your property is all about.

It serves as your business identification, a valuable advertisement, and as a wayfinding fixture. Without it, your building or property would be lost in a sea of buildings, stores, and all the other establishments found on the same street.

People looking for your place of business need a sign to know they’ve arrived at the right place. But since outdoor signage is exposed constantly to the elements, it requires special care to withstand more than just the passage of time. Rain, snow, strong winds, extreme temperatures, and daily exposure to the sun can lead to premature wear and tear of signage.

With shabby or broken down-looking signage, passersby and even customers will start wondering: what happened? Is your store closed? In short, lackluster or deteriorating signage can turn people off, much like a neglected yard. As a business owner, you have standards to uphold.

Keep your signage looking fresh

To keep your signage attractive, fresh-looking, and in good condition, and to prevent significant maintenance issues down the line, here are helpful tips for maintaining it:

• Avoid using abrasive materials including certain types of cleaning cloths, solvents, brushes, and high-pressure cleaning equipment.

• Check signage regularly and promptly repair or replace any broken or damaged fittings.

• Using a ladder or a bucket truck, regularly inspect larger signs from top to bottom, and immediately address any issues that you find.

• For lighted signs, be sure to inspect these periodically, especially for broken or burnt-out bulbs, dimmed neon, faulty LEDs, and the like. Note that problems with lighted signs are immediately noticeable so fix all problems right away.

• Make sure you maintain the landscape of your pylon and monument signs so they look attractive and eye-catching. With regular landscaping, you also prevent potential damage from lawnmowers and trimmers.

• Be on the lookout for signs of rusting or corrosion. Remember that rust will not only make your signage unsightly but can also damage the steel components of the sign.

• Keep seasonal and event banners in storage, preferably in a cool and dry location away from direct sunlight. Get these cleaned prior to storing them. Make sure these are totally dry before gently rolling them up or laying them down in the space allocated for them.

• Watch out for any overgrown shrubs, twigs, or foliage that can obscure your signage. Get these trimmed. Also, if you’re leasing the space, check if this is your landlord’s responsibility.

• For vehicle wraps, make sure that the car, truck, van, or bus carrying your sign is washed on a weekly basis. Brushless automated car washes can do the job; however, hand washing is generally safer and highly recommended.

Get professionals onboard

A good alternative for signage repair and maintenance work is getting professional signage manufacturing companies to do the job for you.

At Signs & Wonders, we not only undertake decal production and manufacture other types of signage such as pylons, banners, vinyls, and window graphics, but we also take care of installation, repair, and maintenance. What’s more, we do site surveys and handle permitting requirements.

So if you need help with signage-related matters, just give us a call.