These are the top trends shaping custom OKC neon signs

May 4, 2022 at 4:00 AM
A neon "open" sign in a store window.

Neon signs aren’t just a simple throwback trend; they’re here to stay, and they’re being used in ways and places you might not expect. A custom neon sign brings an atmosphere to any space it’s used in that makes it uniquely your own. They’re much more than just a way to advertise a business to people passing on the street, as they’ve traditionally been used in the past. They’re a decorative piece that can brighten up just about any place you choose to put them.

That’s why custom neon signs in OKC and other areas are seeing use in locations ranging from office spaces to living rooms and garages. They’re versatile, customizable, and add a pleasant energy in a way that truly adds a unique look and feel to a space, showing employees, customers, guests, friends, or family that it’s something special that’s uniquely yours. They can emphasize everything from a brand image to the feeling of a family bond.

Neon signs offer that emphasis in all sorts of ways, too, as they can come in just about any type of shape you can imagine. Are you looking for a design of something natural, like a flower or a cloud? Do you want to mark a space with your name or your family’s name, or even a logo for your business? There are many varied possibilities, and in this blog post, we’ll explore each of these trends further to give you a sense of what you can do with a custom neon sign in your space.

Neon signs aren’t just being used as outdoor advertisement

Neon signs have been a trusted tool for advertising a business in a unique, eye-catching way for decades, and they haven’t lost their power to highlight a brand’s personality in a way that truly draws a customer’s attention. Today, though, they’re often used in a wide variety of other ways.

While there are a lot of different ways to give some flavor and personality to an indoor or outdoor space in any setting, a neon sign goes further than what other decorations can offer. They change not only the actual look and design of a space, but the lighting of that space, too, which has a major impact on the atmosphere of that area. A neon sign establishes the feeling of a place in an unparalleled way.

This is also a big part of why they aren’t just being used outside of businesses and inside of homes, either. Even office spaces are finding custom neon signs to be a beneficial addition to their employees’ work areas. A positive feeling at work is an important part of what makes a worker put in their best effort, and creating a space that feels pleasant while demonstrating the personality of your business helps in a unique way.

What kinds of custom neon signs are people using?

The ways in which neon signs are being used may be clear, but what kinds of designs are people using? These may vary depending on where the signs are being used, but generally, there’s a much greater variety in terms of what’s possible with a custom neon sign than you may expect.

In an individual room or apartment, it’s not uncommon for many people to use a text neon sign displaying either a message or even simply their own name. Some businesses have taken a similar approach to using neon signs, too. Other spaces, though, opt for something more abstract. Natural elements like clouds, leaves, and rainbows are all fairly popular in a variety of different settings.

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