Sign maintenance with sign repair & installation services in OKC

July 13, 2021 at 7:00 AM
An electric sign that reads 'HELLO STRANGER.' Sign repair and installatoin services in Oklahoma City gurantee that your sign is always a welcoming sight.

Signs are beacons for customers and the lifeline of businesses across the entirety of our great nation. However, they still require considerable maintenance. Luckily, we can help alleviate that load. For over a decade, at Signs & Wonders, we’ve provided unrivaled sign repair and installation services in Oklahoma City. Our experienced and supremely qualified team of technicians can tackle any project with an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.

Here’s what to know about sign maintenance in OKC:

Inside your sign

It’s essential to clean the outside of your sign. The exterior is what clients see, and it represents your establishment.

However, don’t neglect the inside of your sign when conducting maintenance. Thorough sign maintenance necessitates opening its body and attending to its inner machinations, too.

Insects, debris, dirt, and more cause extensive damage. Particularly in electric signs, they clog holes designed for water drainage. Standing water wreaks havoc on your sign’s electrical components.

These hazards are why it’s imperative to have sign repair and installation services in Oklahoma City inspect and clean the interior of your sign regularly. Otherwise, you could very well have to replace it entirely or pay for exorbitant repairs.

Luckily, with Signs and Wonders, we serve each client with a soldier’s sense of duty, and we guarantee to keep your sign maintained and clean inside and out.

Burned-out lights

If you illuminate your sign 24/7, burned-out bulbs are inevitable. Luckily, with sign repair and installation services in Oklahoma City, staying on top of this is easier than ever before.

Part of maintenance requires you to replace burned-out lights outside the sign and change the lighting inside. This is crucial to your business because burned-out bulbs make your business look unprofessional and deter customers.

Burned-out bulbs also make your business significantly harder to find. The consequences of burned-out bulbs devastate businesses, so staying on top of this aspect of sign maintenance is vital. If you want bulbs to last longer and run more efficiently, consider LED lighting.

With Signs & Wonders, we’ll handle the bulbs, so you just have to worry about handling business and living your American Dream.

Cleaning your sign

It’s imperative to clean your sign regularly. This is a major benefit of sign repair and installation services in Oklahoma City.

When a sign is neglected and dirty, it looks unprofessional. These impressions are crucial to the success of your operations. Signs require cleaning after a snowfall, ice storms, rainfall, and winds that blow road-grime, debris, dirt, and more.

Always turn off the power before cleaning, use a nozzle sprayer, and ensure you’re at least a foot away. These measures are crucial to preventing damage. If easy to reach, use a mild liquid detergent and soft sponges or lint-free cotton cloths for a deeper, thorough clean.

Focus on crevices, corners, and other pockets where dirt and debris are likely to accrete. If possible, always wipe your sign dry to prevent water spots. More importantly, never use:

  • Water over 180 degrees
  • Power washers over 200psi
  • Harsh chemicals, metal cleaning tools, rough brushes, newspaper, or paper towels

However, with us, you're guaranteed a consistent, thorough clean. Family-owned, we treat every sign like it's our own.

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If you require sign maintenance, repair, or installation services in Oklahoma City or the state of Oklahoma, Signs & Wonders is your premier solution. For over a decade, we’ve provided unrivaled sign maintenance solutions, and we ensure your sign is always in tip-top shape and primed to attract customers like moths to light. Contact us now for a consultation! Our secret is simple: we work with the same grit, determination, and commitment that built our great country.