Pros and cons of industrial signs for businesses in OKC

January 10, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Pros and cons of industrial signs for businesses in OKC

Signage is one of the most crucial parts of the exterior of your business. However, it’s important that you get the right sign for your business and the building where you operate. Industrial signs in OKC offer pros and cons for every business that uses them. At Signs & Wonders, we can help you weigh each to decide whether industrial signage is right for you.


Strength and durability

The more confident you are in something’s ability to last, the more likely you are to buy it. Nobody likes paying for something then paying to have it repaired six months later. Industrial signs are incredibly durable and are designed to withstand years of punishment from the elements. You won’t have to worry about a strong wind blowing your sign over and paying for repairs every time you have a storm.


Smartphones have made it much easier for customers to find your business on the road. While they can easily find your location with directions that get them to within 10 feet of your door, a large and visible sign is a safe way to ensure they reach your business quickly. It doesn’t matter if you have a pylon sign that shines like a beacon for a mile down the road or a well-lit sign above your doors. It helps to improve how well customers can find you.

Brand recognition

You’ve probably put a considerable amount of effort into your company’s name, logo, and branding. Signs can help to improve your brand recognition by making it easy to see who you are and what it is that you represent. A recognizable sign can make you easily identified from long distances and also make you somewhat of a landmark as those driving through the area will know who you are.



Installing an industrial sign isn’t the most cost-effective option. There are plenty of other solutions to your signage that are often much cheaper and easier to install. Although, you’ll want to consider that you typically get what you pay for. Weigh the costs that come with installation and maintenance before buying your industrial sign, so none of the associated costs come as a surprise later.

Maintenance costs

Having signage for your company requires maintenance. You need to see to it that the lights are always functioning, the material isn’t damaged, and it’s safely fixed to your building, the pylon, or its monument. No matter what kind of industrial sign you have, it’s imperative that you pay the costs necessary to maintain it for both functionality and safety.


The height of your sign shouldn’t be ignored. A tall sign is going to cost a lot of money to build, install, and properly maintain over the years, but it does provide a significant advantage as your brand will be visible from a great distance. In contrast, you might find that a monument sign is a great way to point customers to your location from the street level. You’ll need to weigh your options to decide which is better for you and your business or the building you manage.

Reach out for a quote

The quality of your industrial sign in OKC shouldn’t be taken lightly. At Signs & Wonders, we want to help you create the perfect sign for your business. Whether you’re looking for a pylon sign, monument sign, or otherwise, we can help you design and install it. Schedule a consultation to get a free quote by calling 405-932-4585 or sending a message using our online contact form.