Oklahoma Pylon Sign Installation Marketing Tips

March 8, 2021 at 5:00 AM
Oklahoma pylon sign installations are a fantastic way to market your business.

Many business owners who want to grow their revenue understand that one of the most effective ways to do so is through marketing. Knowing the best way to reach their preferred audience, however, isn’t always so obvious. With so many different techniques out there, it’s often overwhelming deciding where to put your advertising budget.

Ideally, you can use multiple mediums to market your business in Oklahoma, and pylon sign installations should be one of them. They’re immediate, effective, and long-lasting, and if you keep the following insights in mind, they can bolster your overall advertising efforts.

Preparing your marketing for an Oklahoma pylon sign installation.

Find a strategic location.

A pylon sign installation in Oklahoma is only useful if people can see it, so positioning is vital. You want to place it somewhere that receives an ample amount of pedestrian or vehicular traffic to maximize exposure as people pass your business. Keep it prominently displayed, and ensure nothing blocks the sign or makes it difficult to see. You also need to create a sign that works in harmony with your building’s design to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Don’t go overboard with the messaging.

You don’t need to bring your entire creative team in to develop the verbiage used for your new nylon sign. That’s because the goal of this marketing tool is to draw a potential customer’s eyes, not necessarily to sell them on a product or service. Most people will only have a few seconds to look at the sign as they pass by, and if it’s cluttered with content, it won’t be effective. So rather than crafting some elaborate messaging, focus on making a sign that catches the eyes using exciting colors and bold designs.

Consistency will be key.

A truly effective marketing campaign has various elements that work together to paint a larger picture. If you’re purchasing a pylon sign installation in Oklahoma, you have to take a closer look at your other marketing collaterals. Make sure the logo you use on mailers, business cards, and broadcast advertisements is perfectly recreated on the sign, and if you do put any messaging on it, use the same font as your other collaterals. Using the same colors is also crucial, because it helps bolster your brand recognition and earn you more business.

Get creative.

Pylon signs have been an effective marketing tool for generations, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick to the classic design to help grow your business. Many can now incorporate LED message boards that allow you to change up the messaging to highlight new products or current sales. You can also use spotlights to highlight your sign and make it visible at night and in inclement weather. Finally, use decorative accents and masonry elements to separate your signage from the competition.

Does your business need a new pylon sign installation in Oklahoma?

Then reach out to the experts here at Signs & Wonders. Our family-owned full-service sign company has specialized in designing and fabricating intricate pylon signs for more than a decade now. We have a team of experienced, informative, and courteous technicians, and you can have confidence you’re getting the best service possible because they are all licensed and certified.

Beyond helping you with the design and creation of your new marketing tool, we’ll also help you maintain it over the years so that it remains a practical part of your advertising strategies. Give your business the boost it needs by checking out the various products we offer, or you can send us a message online to request your free quote.