A beginner’s guide to LED neon sign repair services

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If your LED neon sign has stopped working, it’s crucial to find reliable LED neon sign repair services. A malfunctioning sign can have severe consequences on your business and even deter customers. However, understanding what repairs you need is difficult. Luckily, at Signs & Wonders, we’re the premier family-owned, full-service sign company, and we boast an extensively experienced and qualified team. Our passion is customer satisfaction, and we always go above and beyond.

Here are repairs you can conduct on LED neon signs:

Can your LED neon sign be repaired?

Before deciding what LED neon sign repair service you need in Oklahoma, determine if you can repair your neon sign in the first place.

When your neon sign is high-quality, the problem is often easy to spot. Typically, a qualified technician can look at the sign and identify the issue immediately. The two most common issues are voltage problems and transformer problems.

However, there are instances where signs are irreparable. Firstly, if your sign's not made from high-quality parts, it’s advisable to purchase a new sign entirely since the repairs, effort, and overall cost will outstrip the sign's value.

Secondly, depending on how old your sign is, it may not be repairable. Older models of neon signs contain hazardous materials like mercury and lead, which are dangerous to handle. The majority of repair shops will refuse to work on these signs altogether.

If you are unsure if your sign can be repaired, at Signs & Wonders, we boast unparalleled neon sign repair services and always put the customer first. We will find the right solution for you.

Different possible repairs

There are different types of LED neon sign repair services. Generally, there are three common repairs to expect.

Short-circuit repairs

Before making any short-circuit repairs, diagnose the issue. If you look at the transformer and the status light is flashing, this is a signal there is a short-circuit.

Short-circuits are often caused by electrical surges while connected. These repairs involve methodically removing cables in the sign to identify the short-circuit.

Afterward, a technician will re-cut a new segment of neon, remove the faulty section, and then replace it with a new section.

Loose connection repairs

Sometimes, sections of your neon sign or the entire sign will stop working unless the cable or wire entering the section or sign is either moved or jiggled.

There are several potential causes, but generally, this is a symptom of rough treatment, such as poor courier services or vandalism, but inadequate quality control can also be culpable.

Repairs involve removing the loose cable, expanding the port it needs to fit inside, replacing the cable or wire and inserting it deeper into the port than before, and using fast sealing glue to secure it in position.

Replacing transformers

Sometimes, transformers do not last as long as expected. Worst yet, sometimes a transformer will last only 10 to 20 seconds from the first time you turn it on and won’t turn on again.

This is often caused by overheating. If a sign is constantly powered with no off-periods, it can easily overheat, and this is common after one year of perpetual usage.

To determine if the transformer is the issue, simply look at the status light on the transformer. If it is not lit, the transformer has died. In these instances, you have to get a new transformer.

Get in touch now for repairs!

If you need LED neon sign repair services in Oklahoma, Signs & Wonders is the premier provider. Our team is supremely qualified and experienced, and we always put the customer first. As a family-owned, full-service sign company, we treat each customer like family. Contact us now for our sign repair services!