Common neon light repairs for business signs

July 20, 2022 at 11:00 PM
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Neon lights are a stylish way to attract attention to your company. They can advertise your services, highlight your brand name, or reinforce your brand identity. But when neon goes on the fritz, it can cast your business in a different light. Something as small as a broken “Open” sign can significantly impact your daily revenue. But just because your neon isn’t working the way it should doesn’t mean you need to buy a new sign. Often, a simple repair can get you back in business without disrupting your daily operations. Here are some of the most common problems and neon light repairs.

Common problems with neon lights

Depending on the location of your neon signage, you may deal with various problems, which can have different causes. There’s no way to know the extent of the issue until a trained neon light repair company looks at your sign and offers a plan for either repair or replacement.

Neon is more fragile than a vinyl sign but attracts more attention. While your store’s neon may involve more upkeep, it also helps you stand out from the competition. Here are some signs that there’s a problem with your neon lights:

  • Flickering
  • Dimming
  • Dark areas
  • Shattered glass

No matter the issue with your lights, it may not mean you need to replace the entire sign. Some simple, on-site repairs can get your neon like-new. Start with a free quote from a sign company offering neon light repair. They’ll assess the problem and let you know if it’s worth it to repair the sign versus buying a new one.

Top neon light repairs

There are several repairs that an experienced sign technician can perform on your neon sign, often resolving long-standing issues such as flickering or dimness. Here are some of the most common repairs performed on neon:

  • Problems with wiring: For flickering lights, replacing a transformer or repairing short-circuited wiring will often fix the issue. Because neon requires high voltage to operate, it’s critical to hire a professional to examine the sign.
  • Solid-state mercury: Some neon colors are caused by a chemical reaction between gaseous mercury and argon. In newly installed neon signs, the mercury may still be in a solid-state and need a few days to vaporize to resolve the flickering.
  • Tiny tube cracks: Even a hairline crack in a neon tube can release some of the gas required to illuminate the light. Neon light repairs for leaks involve installing a new part for the dimmed section without needing to replace the whole sign.
  • Broken insulation: A dark sign doesn’t mean it’s beyond repair; damaged insulation can prevent electricity from reaching the tube.
  • Frayed wiring: one of the first things a neon light repair technician will check is to ensure the sign’s wiring is in good condition.

There are plenty of situations where a same-day repair may be possible for your neon sign, getting you back in business with minimal expense or hassle.

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