Tips to make the most out of marketing car wraps in Oklahoma City

October 18, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Tips to make the most out of marking car wraps in Oklahoma City

There are a variety of ways that you can promote a business. Traditional signage is a great way to draw attention to your location, but you must take extra steps to inform customers about your business. If you have a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, car wraps in Oklahoma City are a great way to ensure that you’re getting eyes on your brand. For those who have never considered a car wrap as an effective marketing technique, our team at Signs & Wonders can help by identifying ways that you can get the most out of your wrap.

Make it catchy

There are plenty of things to catch the eyes of drivers as they’re going down the road. From billboards to signage on buildings to other vehicles. If you want to be the thing that catches the eye of other drivers, your car wrap needs to earn it. While bright colors aren’t always the way to go, they can be effective if they’re in line with your company’s branding. Things like images and logos can be used as a way to draw attention to your vehicle but they must be done effectively with intention.

Make it intentional

Make sure you know exactly what you’re putting on your vehicle and how it will look before you finalize any designs. It’s easy to have a clear vision of what you want without the perspective of what it’ll look like as you drive your vehicle down the road. Remember that most drivers will only ever see one side of your vehicle. What’s more, they might not get to see it for more than a few seconds before you’re gone. Strategically place information like your company name, contact info, or location so it’s easy to read quickly.

If you’re planning on having pictures or images on your wrap beside a logo, be aware of what you’re using. A plumbing company in Utah intentionally added an image on the driver-side door of its fleet vehicles that made it look like the driver was sitting on a toilet. While this is fun and humorous, it’s intentional. It’s easy to make a mistake with images and phrasing if you don’t take a minute to step back and look at the whole picture.

Make it brief

As we mentioned, sometimes drivers won’t have more than a couple of seconds to see your vehicle. This means that it’s incredibly important to convey your most important message clearly and concisely. Of course, you can always put additional information on your wrap as the vehicle won’t always be moving and it’s a great way to drive business when the vehicle is parked or sitting at a stoplight. Although, many of the eyes that are drawn to it will be while you or an employee is driving so the message should be brief.

Make it bold

There’s no point in wrapping your vehicle if you aren’t planning on drawing attention to it. Make your design big and bold with branded color schemes that will draw the attention of those around you. Along this vein, make sure that your company name and logo are large enough that they can be seen from a distance. The 10-by-1 rule is a great guide as it suggests that letters that are one inch tall should be readable from 10 feet away. If you make the print too small, you’ll be wasting your time and money as it won’t be an effective way to increase brand awareness.

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