How to Prepare for a Sign Installation at Your Site

August 15, 2021 at 11:00 PM
External signage saying "Have a Nice Day."

It’s no secret by now that signage can grab customers’ attention and lead them to your business. So you may have jumped on the opportunity to attract more eyes by investing in well-designed signs.

That’s our specialty at Signs and Wonders, and there’s a chance for us to help you out here.

We’re going to let you know four essential things to do while you prepare for sign installation so your signs look their best and make a greater impact.

1. Coordinate with everyone who needs to know

If you’re operating out of a rented building, the decision doesn’t just come down to you. Your landlord needs to approve the sign installation. Make sure to get their permission.

There are also instances when the building manager needs to be around for liability purposes. And, in some cases, you may need a license from the county government, especially when the signage’s placement may distract motorists.

Before anything else, make sure you have all the needed approval from relevant people and authorities.

2. Perform a site or technical survey

A site or technical survey is an extra layer of quality analysis after the design process. It ensures that the type of signage you’ve chosen and its placement will be effective for your business. For example, it’s important for the positioning to be strategic so people actually see it.

For banners and other types of hanging signs, it’s also crucial to ensure that a technician can install the sign safely. And that, after installation, the sign will remain in place without a substantial risk of falling.

The site survey will ensure all this.

3. Prepare the area

Whatever kind of signage you get, it’ll look better on a clean surface. And if it’s going to be hanging, the equivalent is clean surroundings. The surest thing to do is power-washing the building’s entire exterior, or at least just the side the sign will face.

If you’re getting vehicle wraps, then you need to make sure the vehicle’s had a thorough wash. Likewise, for windows, a clear and streak-free clean is mandatory before having graphics installed.

Make sure to move things that may get in the way of technicians as they work. If the sign is going near a parking lot, you may need to section off parts of it.

4. Establish routes to help people move around during installation

You might be planning to have the signage installed on a normal business day to avoid disrupting your operations.

That’s fine, but you need to make sure you don’t diminish customers’ experiences. So set up alternate routes and sitting areas to maintain a smooth flow of foot traffic.

Even if you’ve scheduled an installation for a day when you’re closed, have a plan just in case. The installation may spill over to the next day, especially if you realize you’d prefer some adjustments along the way.

Work with Signs and Wonders so your sign installation goes without a hitch

Don’t worry if you miss anything. We’re an eager and helpful team, and we’ll let you know anything that might make your signage less effective.

Whichever stage you’ve reached, whether still dreaming up a design or looking for professionals to bring it to life, let us join along and help.

We’re proud to offer distinguished service in Oklahoma, from banners and vinyl to decals and vehicle wraps. And our promise is to get every installation right the very first time. Contact us today for a consultation and a free quote.