FAQs on Neon Sign Installation, Maintenance, and Repair in Oklahoma City

March 25, 2020 at 4:00 AM
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Neon signs are among the most effective and popular tools for advertising a business. They are durable, affordable, and attractive, providing night-time exposure for brands to anyone passing by.

However, not everyone is familiar with how neon lights work. So, if you have any lingering questions about neon signinstallation, maintenance, and repair, particularly in Oklahoma City where we are based, we’ve prepared some general Q&As below.

Is it safe to use neon signs?

LED neon signs are definitely safe. But just like any type of lighting fixture, they can pose certain hazards if not properly installed. Also, they should ideally be hanged indoors, protected from the elements like dust, water, and debris. Business establishments should also take care not to expose these to highly flammable materials. To avoid product malfunctions and safety issues, always make sure you only have high-quality neon lights installed by professionals.

Why are some neon lights exposed outdoors if they are sensitive to water?

If you must have neon lights exposed outdoors, installers can use special clear plastic covers that’ll help protect them from water and other external elements. You can also upgrade to using a waterproof cover, although this is usually a pricier option.

How long does a neon power supply last? How about neon signs?

A neon sign transformer can last anywhere between five and seven years, although some may fail earlier, while others can last longer – by as much as ten to 15 years! Factors that affect transformer longevity include heat, and the frequency of electrical surges or the consistency of the electrical supply.

With correct use and regular maintenance, a properly installed neon sign made of quality materials should last about ten years. However, some customers prefer to keep their image looking clean and relevant, so they update or replace their signage every five years or so.

What scale of projects do you accept?

Since we’re a full-service sign company, we don’t have a set minimum size for the projects we handle. We’ve carried out major rebranding programs for large businesses, as well as projects for establishments like government organizations, restaurants, and local corner stores.

How long does it take to make a neon sign?

For customized neon signs, delivery and installation can be as short as five days or take as many as six weeks after all approvals and permits are done. Of course, this simply means that the larger the project, the longer it can take for us to produce and install the signs. However, we always provide reasonable and realistic production timelines in all of our proposals.

Which colors do you recommend for neon signs?

Neon signs done in red letters are the most readable, even from afar. Pink and green also make good second choices. When it comes to the least readable colors, blue, yellow, and purple belong to this group. However, these last three colors make good color selections for borders. A black background works to increase the visibility of your neon sign no matter the color you choose for the font.

Can neon signs be repaired?

Since most neon signs comprise several units, the part that’s broken can either be replaced or repaired. We can attach a new piece of neon tube onto the remaining original tubing. However, if a neon sign is badly damaged or has many breaks, it may be more cost-effective to get a brand new neon sign instead. Also, some neon sign repair shops do not accept neon signs made with mercury.

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