5 businesses that benefit from vehicle wraps in Oklahoma

February 10, 2022 at 7:00 AM
5 businesses that benefit from vehicle wraps in Oklahoma

Trying to grow your business is a normal part of your everyday operations. Whether your focus is on customer care, improving your products, or expanding your services, you’re always doing things to try to grow tomorrow from where you were today. What that specifically looks like across different industries looks different. At Signs & Wonders, we understand that marketing is another big part of what you do to grow your business. We believe vehicle wraps in Oklahoma are a great way for many companies to grow without spending massive amounts of money on advertising. If you’ve never considered a vehicle wrap for your business, we’ve put together a list of five businesses that can benefit from them.


It’s not uncommon for some small businesses to operate out of the owner’s home. General contractors often fall into this group, as they spend so much time at the job site that it doesn’t make sense to pay for additional overhead. It saves on additional costs that come with paying rent, utilities, and more. Although, the drawback is that there are not any physical signage potential clients can see to advertise your business. You can turn your vehicle into a rolling sign for all to see with a vehicle wrap. Whether you’re driving home from a job or your vehicle is sitting at the job site, everyone who sees your vehicle will know who you are what you do.

Restaurants that deliver

Most restaurants that offer delivery have their drivers use their own vehicles. They’ll slap a magnet on the door or a topper on the roof, and they’re on their way. It makes sense for restaurants with a fleet of vehicles to run deliveries to have a permanent solution. You can wrap your vehicles to include everything from the restaurant name with the delivery phone number to the website to some favorite menu items. The sky’s the limit with vehicle wraps. Your delivery drivers will be serving your customers while simultaneously advertising your business.


As an attorney, you never know when somebody is going to need your services, so it’s a great idea to get your name and number out to the general public as much as possible. You can passively advertise your business everywhere you go by wrapping your personal or company vehicles. What’s more, if you wrap your personal vehicle with advertising for your firm, a portion of the cost can be counted as a business expense and can be written off on your next year’s income tax return.


Telecommunications companies constantly have a fleet of vehicles out on jobs. Similar to a general contractor, these vehicles rarely spend time parked at an office. Take advantage of the road time they see each day and have your vans or trucks turned into movie billboards that advertise your company with a contact phone number and website.

Home health providers

Home health firms and agencies send care providers to homes all across the community. A vehicle wrap is a great way to expose your company to potential clients during travel time as well as when the vehicle is parked. Many people across your community are always looking for home health care for a loved one. You can be the solution they’re looking for when they’re least expect it.

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