Top Small Business Signage Tips to Improve Foot Traffic

June 11, 2022 at 12:00 AM
Image of foot traffic captured by business signage tips in Oklahoma.

As a small business, it can feel like the whole world is moving online. While you’re busy creating content for social media, your attention can stray from your brick-and-mortar location. But don’t underestimate the power of foot traffic to grow your profits. Algorithms can be unpredictable, and your engagement might drop unexpectedly from one day to the next. It’s easier to predict foot traffic throughout the week and the seasons. One of the best ways to capture foot traffic is engaging, high-quality signs. Here are some of the most popular business signage tips from an Oklahoma sign company.

Use different kinds of signs

Few brands capture new foot traffic with just one kind of signage. There’s no way to advertise all your products or services with a single sign. Using a variety of signage will grab the attention of a varied audience and allow you to highlight your brand’s most popular features.

Exterior signs are essential on weekends and holidays to capture foot traffic. But using vehicle wraps is a way to expand your reach to new audiences, while people are in their cars. At Signs and Wonders, we specialize in a wide variety of sign types so we can create cohesive signage for a brand across vehicle wraps, exterior signs, and more.

Consider placement for your signs

Signs should work with your foot traffic, not against it. Don’t advertise sales and specials in places where shoppers won’t see them until they’re leaving your store. Highlight your social media channels and online store as people are checking out.

Careful placement of interior signs within your store can lead foot traffic to highlighted services and products while reinforcing brand identity and building connections with shoppers. Interior signs must be present but curated and carefully placed so as not to overwhelm shoppers. Using high-quality design is part of making signs that connect with foot traffic.

Use high-quality design

How your signs look can make all the difference in capturing foot traffic. If you’ve seen a drop in your in-store sales, it may be because your signage looks outdated. Rebranding and relaunching are the best ways to give your brick-and-mortar location a new look and reinvigorate foot traffic.

Strong design timed with the release of a new line of products and services can boost your store’s foot traffic and sales.

Don’t just do the same thing as everyone else

Regardless if you’re located in the central shopping district or a little out of the way, making your store stand out is essential to increasing foot traffic. When everyone else uses sandwich boards, adding a touch of LED or neon to your storefront is a way to break free from a row of retail locations.

Open shop

One of the best business signage tips for brands of any age is to use high-quality products and eye-catching design that defines your brand. Even if shoppers don’t stop at your location, you’re building brand awareness that may lead to new online sales.

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