3 Ways to Advertise with Custom Banners in Oklahoma City

June 13, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Custom banners in Oklahoma City.

Advertising is the first impression you make on your future customers and clients. It’s your opportunity to share your brand’s story and connect with prospects. For business owners who already have signs outside their business, incorporating some creative uses for custom banners in Oklahoma City will expand your advertising strategy. Vinyl printed banners allow you incredible benefits over different signage, such as:

  • Custom sizes: whether you want it for a tabletop, trade show booth, or the side of a building, you can do it with vinyl.
  • Full-color advertisements: use photographs, complicated designs, and intricate logos with no problem.
  • Durable: vinyl banners resist weather, UV light, and more to be long-lasting while looking great.

You may incorporate a range of signage into your storefront or service-based business, including neon, LED, and more, but make vinyl custom banners an essential part of your advertising with these creative uses.

Install flex banners street-side by your business.

For businesses in difficult-to-notice locations or that are set back from a major street, flex banners can work in two ways. The first is by helping customers find your business within a strip mall, subdivision, or office complex. The second is to notify people who live and work in the area about your business.

Flex banners are also dynamic and attention-grabbing. They move in the wind and come in custom sizes. Scale them to people walking by on the sidewalk or up to 20 feet to grab the attention of passing drivers.

A series of Oklahoma City custom banners can guide customers to your storefront, advertise seasonal specials, or announce a grand opening in a creative and eye-catching way.

Use boulevard banners to increase your brand awareness.

One of the best things about street-side advertising is it’s always working for you, day or night. Unlike traditional advertising, which has limited reach, boulevard banners reach all commuters. Unlike internet advertising which targets specific demographics, boulevard banners expose your brand to all kinds of people, potentially connecting you with a customer base you didn’t initially consider.

They also allow you to be as creative as you want by printing designs and photos in full color. You can increase brand awareness with custom banners in Oklahoma City, reaching a diverse, local population.

Boulevard banners are also less intrusive than typical billboards. Rather than being an eyesore, they add festive color to existing lampposts and balance reaching passing pedestrians and drivers without being disruptive or obnoxious.

Try miniature banners in-store to advertise specials.

One of the most creative ways of advertising is in-store or with mini-banners at trade or craft shows. Small custom banners in Oklahoma City sit on tables or countertops. They can advertise seasonal specials or reinforce brand recognition.

They’re easy to switch out every month to keep your storefront or commercial space dynamic and attractive. Mini banners are small and lightweight, they’re ideal for taking to craft and trade shows to place around your booth to advertise your brand or unique products.

An experienced sign company can help you develop an array of signage that reinforces your branding and has various applications for reaching as many people as possible.

Signs and Wonders provides Oklahoma City with custom banners, signs, and sign repair services.

The way you advertise your business determines the audience you attract. Signs and Wonders can help you connect with the clients and customers that you’re trying to reach. We offer graphic design, custom wraps for cars, and service and repair for all kinds of LED and neon signs.

Whatever your business, advertise with a custom banner in Oklahoma City from Signs and Wonders.