5 Reasons to Get Custom Signs in OKC For Your Business

December 7, 2022 at 10:00 PM
White neon wallpaper

Are you considering whether to get custom signs in OKC, or just stick with the funny fonts and click art that is available on your computer? Here’s a hint: don’t do the click art. It’s tempting to take the cheaper route; as a business owner, you live and die by the bottom line, and staying out of the red is no joke. So how do you reconcile the need to stay lean with the proven fact that professionally made custom signs are more effective than the alternative for driving business? Here are five reasons to help convince you to leave the craft store, and hire a professional for your signs.

Why You Need Custom Signs in OKC

  1. Custom Signs Communicate Who You Are

A sign can show many obvious things: where you are located, which door is yours, what your phone number is, and what your hours are. More importantly, though, signs communicate the feeling of your business. Are you fun and playful? Serious and thoughtful? Quirky and unique?

Custom signs will not only deliver important transactional information, but they can deliver important cultural information about your business. To make an impression, deliver information, and keep customers coming back, custom signs that are cohesive, interesting, and engaging are the best tool that a business has.

2. Custom Signs Increase Visibility

A window banner is the most valuable sign that a brick-and-mortar business has. All digital, radio, tv, and social media advertising exists to lead customers to your business; once they get there, they need to know which door to go in! When they’re driving down the road, they’re looking for your name on a building! It’s not rocket science, it’s just human nature.

Put up a high visibility, custom sign on your business. After all, if customers can’t find the door, how will you make the sale?

3. Custom Signs Increase Brand Awareness

The more signs you have in high-visibility areas, the more exposure you get. That part is easy, and you don’t need to hire a professional to understand the concept. What a professional will get you is the kind of sign worth remembering.

Think of a freeway off-ramp with utility poles plastered with printed out flyers offering to Buy Your Home Cash! Sure you can imagine the sign, but do you know who is offering the service? Probably not. A unique, eye-catching sign will make clients aware of your brand, not just your service. It’s that brand-awareness that will bring in business.

4. Custom Signs in OKC Bring Foot Traffic

Your phone is dead. You’re hungry. You're in an unfamiliar town and heading out for a bite. All you have to rely on is your eyes. You’ll be choosing where you eat based on the signage that you pass!

When so many potential clients are using technology to find services, foot traffic becomes a highly valuable and scarce commodity. Drawing in that foot traffic is crucial, especially during slow business seasons. Engaging, informative, clever custom signage can make the difference between a no-sale day and a high-sale day.

5. Out of Home Advertising is King

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is everything you physically encounter offline, in the real world. The data shows again and again that OOH custom signs are crucial to brick-and-mortar businesses' success. Without inviting, informative custom signs directing potential customers to your business, you might as well have no business at all.

When you are ready to make a smart investment in your business, contact Signs and Wonders and get a free quote on your custom signs in OKC.