5 Best Practices For Your Business’s Outdoor Signs In Oklahoma

May 4, 2020 at 4:00 AM
Best outdoor signs in Oklahoma.

Your business is always in need of a strong advertising strategy to retain and attract new business. Logos and signage are an excellent opportunity for your business to showcase its voice to your target demographic in a distinguishing way. Depending on your audience, location, and business model, determining what type of signage to represent your company can become an overwhelming process. Below, we lay out 5 best practices for choosing the proper signage and successfully conveying your business's voice. 

Graphic design that stays on brand. 

Creative assets are the soul of your brand’s voice and ultimately how you will engage with your customers. Creating a memorable logo that distinguishes you from the fray is vital to cultivating customer loyalty and retention. Every piece of creative that is released should always include your logo in a prominent location where your audience can easily identify it. Writing and displaying copy that adequately conveys your brand message through simple sentences and a clear call to action is paramount to generating new business.  

What is the most effective signage to use? 

There are a wide variety of signs you can utilize including banners, vinyls, decals, vehicle wraps, window graphics, and pylon signs. Generally, we’d recommend that you try to diversify your advertising efforts and do a mix of all six. However, your location and business model will determine what the best strategy is. For example, if your business is run out of a brick and mortar storefront, window graphics and decals will be effective in helping attract new business directly from the street. In small towns, vehicle wrappings are a great way for the local community to identify your business and get a subtle reminder of your services without an abrasive solicitation. Overall, we recommend consulting an expert to determine what the best course of action here is. 

How elaborate should my sign be? 

This is really up to how you want to convey your message to your audience and where you are advertising. For billboard advertisements, it is best to go with something simple and impactful. For example, short copy and a large logo with a clear message. Signs are generally meant to appease the viewer and convey a message within 30 seconds or less. Signage that is short and sweet is always recommended.

Where is the best place to put signage? 

Generally, you want to place signs where you know the most people will notice it. On the side of the road, busy street corners, on your storefront windows, and even along digital avenues like social media. As a rule of thumb, signage prospers in highly frequented areas and with a clear call to action attached. 

Ensure proper installation. 

Every sign needs to be installed by a professional who knows how to properly set it up so factors like the weather and vandalism are adequately accounted for. When anything is out in public, it is subject to destruction and hurting your investment. Protect your business’s brand and generate more business by trusting a professional to install your sign for you. 

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