4 advertising tactics like custom banners that still work in Oklahoma

February 5, 2021 at 7:00 AM
4 advertising tactics like custom banners that still work in Oklahoma

Much of the advertising world has gone digital, which makes sense because it’s extremely affordable. However, there are still traditional advertising tactics that are highly effective. Methods like direct mail and custom banners are still highly effective ways to convey your company’s message. Keep reading to learn more about ways you can help advertise outside of the digital realm as well as ways the team at Signs & Wonders can help.


You can’t drive anywhere these days without seeing a billboard. These giant boards are in your face and have shown to provide an effective medium for conveying a message quickly. You can put a message on a billboard that provides short messaging and catches the eye of passersby. One of the beautiful things about creating an effective billboard is that there’s no singular strategy to making a sign that works. A snappy image with a funny saying can be just as effective as a solid background with an inspirational quote and your logo. It’s an easy way to do what works best for you.

Direct mail

Mailers have been an effective advertising tactic since the late 1800s. Something that doesn’t work would have gone away a long time ago. The mail service is a necessary part of our everyday lives. There are certain things that can’t be sent through email and must be sent through the mail service. Whether your customers are waiting for a note from a loved one or another important item, a trip to the mailbox is a regular part of most people’s day.

Your direct mailer can have a larger impact on a person after just five seconds in their hand than a digital ad because of something called “digital fatigue”, which is where people close ads on their phone or computer before they can even register what it’s for. This is because we’ve become so overwhelmed with digital advertising that it hardly phases customers anymore. Additionally, many people use ad blockers on their devices.

Custom signage

You can put up custom banners or pylon signs outside your business or on vehicles to advertise specials, exclusive products, or simply to grab the attention of customers. Your pylon sign can be further customized with a marquee to display changing messages. Adorn your office or building with signs and banners that do everything you want from telling the story of your company to adding a measure of flare in the office space and everything in between. The possibilities for custom signage are endless.

Magazines and newspaper

It’s been said for a number of years now that the print industry is dead or dying. This is correct to a certain degree. There are more and more newspapers and magazines that are moving online each day. However, print still appeals to certain demographics. Older and wealthier individuals typically choose to read a physical newspaper, while magazines appeal directly to niche audiences. A magazine advertisement is particularly useful because most magazines will be kept and read more than one time. Advertisements that pepper the magazine pages are also seen as part of the content and aren’t intrusive to the overall experience.

Work with Signs & Wonders

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